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Confetti & Streamers

Our confetti effects have been used by Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, JLS and numerous other touring and corporate clients.

There are a huge number of options with confetti effects, from the way it is launched and the quantity of product, to the colour and shape. This allows the effect to be fully customised to your event. We can even cut confetti into the shape of your logo or print each piece with your message.

We can provide every type of effect from a slow petal drop for a theatrical piece to a storm of confetti and streamers throughout an arena or even snow over an entire town centre.

3 Quick Case Studies...

Live Effects received a last minute call to provide a huge quantity of confetti for Lady Gaga’s appearance at iTunes Festival in London’s Roundhouse. With only 16 hours between receiving the call and loading in to the venue, we were ready to go and had even sourced the very specific confetti colours required.

We provided all the confetti effects for Adele’s UK and USA tours, including a huge quantity of our XL Swirl Fans and gold glitter for the DVD shoot at the Royal Albert Hall.

Having completed a very successful racing season, the Red Bull Formula 1 team asked Live Effects to supply confetti effects for their homecoming event in Milton Keynes city centre. As Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber pulled their cars into the final position we launched a huge cloud of confetti in the Red Bull corporate colours.

Confetti Effects at the O2 Arena Confetti Effects for Leona Lewis Confetti Effects for Adele
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