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We have a wide range of flame effects available for indoor and outdoor use including an indoor aerosol system, a large propane system for festivals and sporting events and 5 way liquid flame heads for stunning 12m fan effects.

Our aerosol system is ideal for touring as it has built in fuel cylinders instead of separate tanks and packs down far smaller than most propane systems. The powerful 4m fireballs are large enough for creating an incredible effect which can be used in the largest of venues.

Our flame systems have been used in a variety of locations from film & TV studios to large arenas including the O2, RICOH and MEN.

3 Quick Case Studies...

When the international touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ found they were unable to use pyrotechnics during a 2 month run in Shanghai, they asked Live Effects to create a solution. In just two weeks we designed and built some miniature gas flame heads which could be installed within their existing set-up.

We supplied 5 outdoor propane heads for Thorpe Park’s annual Halloween Fright Nights. With flames up to 10m high, the systems were rigged on rooftops and set to fire a sequence of flame effects every 10 minutes creating a spectacular surprise for guests.

Surrey Country Cricket asked Live Effects to supply flame effects for their T20 Matches at the KIA Oval. This included 8 flame heads around the large playing area, firing effects 10m high whenever a 4 or 6 was scored.

Propane Flames for Mcfly Aeresol Flames Aeresol Flame Head
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